Finding Inspiration

It’s fall and the trees are turning their colors. No longer are the days of bright green leaves but of tinted red, orange and whatnot. I’m excited to make a scarf of these two colors, but I now have to try to remember what these leaves looked like. I found the most beautiful specimen of a tree and wanted to preserve it. I covered it in tape- to laminate it for lack of a better word- and pressed it in a book.

I just looked at it today and saw that a majority of the leaf is brown, meaning all the moisture from the leaf was stuck in the leaf and it was now decaying in its tapey enclosure.

I’m crestfallen now. And I have to attempt to find a new tree that’s still in the process of changing.

I went back to my previous tree and found the leaves were slightly brown but I saw there was still the red and green on it. So I looked like a dork again and picked the leaf off.

The look-like-a-dork tree...
The look-like-a-dork tree...

And here’s the leaf I picked!

Then, after one of my ASL classes, I was walking around and saw a tree in front of the International Education building that had the most vibrant orange-red I had seen in a while. So I pulled out four leaves that were close in color, but I loved how they looked anyway.

I couldn' decide on one- I had to pick four!
I couldn' decide on one- I had to pick four!

Here’s my dilemma with the whole red/green idea. I don’t want the bright red because this leaf was on its way to becoming a deep red. So it had the edges of a maroon-like color and a bright green. I don’t want a Christmas scarf… because Christmas scarves can and should only be worn around Christmastime.

I hope I’m up to the challenge.


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