Knitter’s How-To?

I posted a ton of pictures of all the items I’ve ever knit and crocheted in my life and a friend of mine commented that I should write something of a basic how-to of knitting.

To be quite honest I have no idea what I’m doing.

I wouldn’t have the ability to teach anyone without being around them. I first learned when I was about 14 and my mom taught me what I thought was an unconventional way of casting on. I quickly found that I was frustrated and I gave up for four years. I turned instead to crocheting but still felt the pangs of failure whenever I’d see mom pull out a set of needles.

I found out how to do it again though a knit-athon in the middle of winter at my college’s Newman House. I went with a friend who also wanted to learn to knit and I picked up on a newer way of casting on and finishing everything.

My best advice to all you novice knitters out there: Grab a friend who doesn’t know how to knit, and a friend who does know how to knit. Offer to buy the knitter coffee and ask them to teach you how to knit.
Then go get a book (my favorite is “Stitch ‘n Bitch”) that will show you what to do, how to do it and all the other basics of learning to knit and you’ll start to fly through the patterns and things that you can do!


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