Knitting Philosophy

I’m taking 18 credits this semester equaling 6 classes (one of which was what spurred the publication of this Blog). I hope I’ll have enough time to post every day and have the ability to find the inspiration to write about knitting all the time.

I’m not usually interested in going into a philosophical question concerning life and how knitting fits into it.

But I’m going to ask anyway: How does or can knitting affect someone mentally and physically?

Since I started knitting I have this mysterious muscle on my arms that is very pronounced when doing the repeated pattern of knit on, yarn over, purl one, yarn over etc. etc… It’s weird how much difference such a small movement can make when made hundreds and hundreds of times.

It’s been said that knitting helps increase hand-eye coordination and requires complex math to complete the -what are actually- knots. Like in a child learning to knit, they’re more likely to learn languages or do better in sports which require hand-eye coordination. They may also do better in Math. It’s pretty interesting when you think about it. Something so simple as k1p1 could be construed as helping one get further in life.

What can knitting do for you?
What can knitting do for you?

Just a thought…


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