Baby it’s cold outside- Keep your wrists warm

My friend turned me on to this idea for making wrist-warmers without the fingers!

Since I’m still what I like to think of as a novice-knitter, I haven’t really branched out of items other than scarves and hats. I also don’t usually make anything with needles smaller than size 10* so I figured this would be a quick and semi-painless endeavor. This would also be a great way to learn how to use Double Pointed Needles.

Double Pointed Needles come in all the same sizes as your common straight and circular needles but are for smaller items, such as socks and mittens. Each package of needles consist of 4 to 5 needles, with a point on both sides, so it’s easy to knit in the round with them. On a straight needle, you’re stuck with just going back and forth.

I did a google search on how to use double pointed needles and found a great page on on how to use them. The concept is simple enough and I caught on pretty quickly. After figuring out how many stitches I would probably need to make the item fit part-way up my arm, I got started. Even though the -many- needles got in my way sometimes, I found the endeavor quite fun.

They're sometimes fun, but you have to have enough patience for them
They're somtimes fun, but you have to have enough patience for them

I quickly discovered that I hated what I was working on and frogged it. I then pulled out an old skein of silver from a scarf I had made and decided to cast-on to that. I really haven’t gotten much father than casting-on because I quickly became engrossed in another project (which happens a lot…). I’ll return to it one of these days.

*Size 10 needles: In Europe, the size of the needle is directly proportional to the millimeters around the needle is. In America, it means nothing. Yes… Nothing.


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