What do you mean?

I hate reading patterns… like really hate reading them. They’re always different and they never usually help you out when it comes to deciphering them unless you go to the front of the book to find them, then flip back- which can be detrimental to the knitting flow.

I’m not much of a pattern user because I like to experiment, but on the occasional time I use one, I try to remember what I’m doing without looking at the pattern otherwise I’ll get lost or get frustrated.

So here’s a basic of what the abbreviations to a pattern look like:

DPN-Double Pointed Needles
Knit- K
Purl- P
k 2 tog- Knit two stitches together. This is used when Decreasing!
CO- Cast On
p-wise- Purl Wise- as in Purl
tog- Together
WS- Wrong Side
YB or YTB- Yarn to back of work (to knit the next stitch)
yo- Yarn over

I’m sure there are many more, but I’ll update whenever I come across them.
Just remember: There is no universal set of abbreviations for a knitting pattern- anywhere. If you’re working on a pattern in one book and go to another book, you could very easily have a problem deciphering. Just keep an eye on the key and you won’t be able to go wrong.


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