We The Living!

I first got introduced to the band We The Living in my sophomore year and I fell in love with their melodic sound and how nice the band members were. I also fell in love with their Merch but couldn’t really afford a lot of stuff so I decided to make my own.

I’m friends with all the band members on Facebook so I wrote on their walls asking what colors would best describe their themes. I got the response of ‘Royal colors’ so I figured I could find some golds, purples and light blues (Somewhat like a picture they used for a while) and make a scarf from that.

I went to Ben Franklin in Oconomowoc with a specific color palate in mind, but quickly found the idea would be squelched due to the gold looking like mustard and… not golden. So I thought silver would be a great alternative. I found a skein of royal purple and heather-grey silver and a beautiful teal blue. I figured I could just start knitting and whenever I felt like changing colors, I would.


I made it in a K1P1 Rib stitch and made it ridiculously long because I wanted to use the whole skein of each color. I finished the scarf only a few hours before the show started and I got to show it off for the guys.

Just to show how long it is
Just to show how long it is

I love wearing this scarf- it’s so long so I can do a European wrapping style on the scarf and it doesn’t bunch around my neck due to the volume of the yarn. It’s heavy enough to keep me warm but thin enough so I won’t feel like I’m drowning in yarn.

Pictures and make up courtesy of Maxwell John


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