Lizzie Skurnick wanted to buy my scarf

On Tuesday, we were introduced to blogger Lizzie Skurnick who told us about her job and having the life of a blogger. Her story is very interesting and I enjoyed hearing about her job and how these things called blogs can blossom into a very gratifying business.

From there we went around the room and talked about our blogs. I was wearing my brand new vertical-garter Green scarf and she commented that she really liked it and later stated that she would buy it if given the chance. Noah sitting next to me then said “Sell her the scarf!” and kept badgering me about it for the rest of the afternoon.

I kept thinking about it throughout the day and finally decided I made the right decision. This was my first venture into vertical-appearance knitting and I notice all the flaws in this idea: the middle seam is very visible, where my two skeins were tied together there’s a tuft of yarn hanging out… etc.

Noah thinks I was trying to justify it to myself. Mostly I just love the scarf too much to let it go.

That brought me to another thought: Everyone keeps telling me I should sell my scarves and make a business out of my craft. I would, if I didn’t particularly love something, but I’d rather sell the pattern and allow people to experience the love of their own hard work and whatnot… It may be a good idea in the future… Comment and let me know what you think.

On a side note:
Anthony on what he thought of Lizzie: I learned that if she fake-laughed, her body didn’t move but if she real-laughed, her body did move…


3 thoughts on “Lizzie Skurnick wanted to buy my scarf

  1. I knit too, but sadly haven’t made anything in awhile. When I was knitting projects, I did sell a few things, but found that there was not a whole lot of profit in it. After calculating the cost of the yarn with actual time spent making the item, it was usually a very small percent (if any) that I could consider profit.

    If you can make something quickly that people are willing to pay for, I would say go for it! Otherwise, I agree with you that just selling the pattern may be the way to go. There may be more of a market for that.

  2. I think you made the right decision. If you love the scarf so much than you shouldn’t sell it. I think it is great that you have a hobby that you love so much. I also think your idea about selling the designs is a better idea. I think if people want homemade scarfs that it would mean more if they made them by themself, unless of course they are given as a gift. You should look into selling your designs.

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