I was jealous- this is what happened

I was watching some old episodes of Gilmore Girls and saw lead actress Lauren Graham dressed in a vertical striped orange, green and white scarf with huge tassels on the ends. I had no idea how to make a scarf super long with vertical stripes without changing the color. I thought if I changed it around so I just knit one color vertically, it would work. The scarf in question seems like it’s just knit, so I decided to do the same.

I cast on hundreds of stitches on my size 13 needles and started knitting. I knew I wouldn’t have enough for the entire scarf on just one needle length so I decided to make it in two sections.

I just started knitting… it was all garter stitch and I did 20 rows so it was thick enough for me to keep warm but still wrap it around my neck a few times.

I was so in to this project that I just kept knitting and was done in one afternoon- I think it was about 5 hours.

You can completely tell where the seam is but I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it look seamless. It looks great though- and surprisingly even in length of the two pieces. They’re only different by a couple inches, which was probably because I tried to fit as many stitches as possible on the needles. They were dangerously close to falling off but, short of buying size 13 Circulars, I needed to make it work.

I’m so excited to wear it out, since it looks nothing like that I’ve made previously.

By the way- I can’t find a picture of this scarf so I’ll attempt a screen grab when I’m home!


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