The Hogwarts Collection: Slytherin

Green and Silver. I never made the connection to Harry Potter when I knit up the scarf but after I tried to think of where I could wear this one, I realized it’s very Slytherin-esque. It’s what spurred the attempted creation of The Hogwarts Collection.

I love Harry Potter. So I think it’ll be cool to have all the scarves that the students wear during the movies.

The scarves that are in the films were probably machine-made, but they’re of a really thin yarn and made incredibly with small needles and a lot of patience.

I don’t have that kind of patience.

So instead I made a K2P2 Rib Stitch scarf of varying lengths in green and silver, and it turned out great. I love the final result!



I haven’t bought the other colors because every single time I walk into a store, I can never find the colors I want.

Slytherin was easy- just find a forest green and a shimmery silver and you’re golden. Gryffindor is a deep maroon and a burnt gold. Ravenclaw is a royal blue and a deep bronze, and Hufflepuff is a yellow and black. In theory Hufflepuff would be the easiest but finding a yellow that isn’t Mustard (which would work better for Gryffindor) or neon (which wouldn’t work at all) isn’t that easy of a task.

Pictures and make up courtesy of Maxwell John.
Photos were taken at Hartbrook Park in Hartland WI.


2 thoughts on “The Hogwarts Collection: Slytherin

  1. What a great concept! I am a huge fan of Harry Potter (the books and the movies, although I’d probably say more so the books), and would absolutely love a Hogwarts-style scarf (ideally in Gryffindor colors, I think). Of the Slytherin-color scarf in the pictures, I really like how you went back and forth between the two colors – particularly the varying width of the green stripes. I, also, really like the ribbing detail. Gosh, you’re making me want to learn how to knit really badly!!

  2. You should learn! It’s so much more rewarding than buying a store-bought scarf! Plus you know it’ll probably last longer than something you buy!

    Chances are, depending on the yarn you buy, it’ll be cheaper too!

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