I’m stuck…

I cannot decide which is the best way to make myself a sweater. I have knit quite a lot only to take it all back three times now.

I have to decide soon and stick to the plan if I don’t want my yarn to start falling apart, thus making the entire skein (because that’s how much I get through before deciding I hate it) useless.

At first I wanted to do things my way and make my own pattern(because I hate reading patterns) and I found a stroke of inspiration when I came across The Adult Tomten Jacket that Jared Flood (AKA Brooklyn Tweed) adapted from an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern.

There is no real pattern for this sweater because it’s originally made for a child. I decided to re-create the pattern to the best of my ability.

At 4 stitches per inch as my gauge, I began with the thought that it would be the right size. I went through a full skein and a half before thinking I should be keeping track of my sizing by measuring it. I measured it only to find that it was almost 20 inches larger than my widest body part.

It had to be taken apart.

I almost cried.

I suppose I could have kept it all together and made on of those flouncy sweaters with the open front, but that wasn’t my goal… and that wasn’t what the sweater was supposed to look like so I stopped liking it from that moment on… and had to frog it.

I went looking through my mom’s old books and magazines for some pattern that was close to what I wanted. I found one but wasn’t immediately as in love with it as I was the Tomten. In any case, I started knitting.

I hated what I was working on and took it off the needles only to find that, yet again, it was huge! I re-balled the yarn and put it in my project bucket… I haven’t touched it since.

I’m hoping the inspiration fairies will pay me a visit and I will have the desire to continue with the project. Until then, I’ll be doing nothing concerning my blue and brown yarns.


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