I’m the knitter, you’re the getter… You have no choice in the matter…capiche?

A friend of mine texted me telling me about this great tree outside one of the buildings that has amazing leaves with the green and red on them. He wants a scarf made to look like that (ie- a vibrant green in the middle with red on the outside “blending into one another”). I told him that “blending” isn’t something that’s done in knitting because it’s so linear. If I were to change colors, it would be obvious that I’m changing colors. I also have strayed away from the leaf-appearance scarf a while ago because it’s going to look like Christmas regardless of what color combination I go with. Green and red will always look like the colors of Christmas to me so I told him that unless he wants a Christmas scarf, to choose something else.

So then he told me that if I could “find a green that would have all sorts of greens on it,” he’d go for that. I told him Variegated yarn is fickle- it could look really great or really crappy. He then said “Well we can go shopping some time together!”

I’m worried he’s still on the Variegated kick… I hate working with Variegated yarn because it never turns out the way I want it to so making something we’ll both like, is not an easy task.

I didn’t want to say no to him, because he’s a great friend, but I don’t like being forced into making something that I won’t necessarily like. I pick out the yarns for my friends based on what I think will look fabulous on them and what I can knit up that will look great as well and I don’t usually give them a choice in the matter. He could pick out a yarn that I’ll hate and won’t want to use or knit with as well as to have it out in the world with my name on it. Even though I’ll be giving it away, I want to be proud of it and I want others to be equally proud of my work when they see someone on the street in one of my creations.

I feel bitchy right now, but it’s how I feel. These are my works of art and my designs in the world and I wouldn’t want something shitty out there. There are plenty of great alternatives to Variegated yarn- buying multiple dye-lots, while can get slightly pricey, can be a great payoff because you control when the color changes as well as controlling the color itself.

I’m of the thought that solid scarves look better and more clean than anything else. If you have a beautiful red, why sully it with another color?


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