Anthony Wants Anything

I started this blog at the beginning of the semester, and I’ve made a friend in Anthony, a guy in two of my English classes this semester. I told him about my blog and how I love to knit and he said, “Do you have a black scarf? I’d buy it off you!”

I don’t have a black scarf in my current inventory. But I’m totally willing to make him one.

Anthony has an amazing idea for the end of his college career. He’s currently in the process of selling/giving away all of his possessions and has the plan to buy a plane ticket and is going to backpack across Europe.

I’m thinking that a black scarf will help to keep him warm if he’s in a cold country (he’s leaving in the middle of a Wisconsin winter) and will be small enough to stuff in his bag whenever he doesn’t need it. I’ll be presenting it to him as soon as I’m done and satisfied with it.

Once my size 8 needles have become free from their use of the Broadway Baby scarf, I’ll be starting on his scarf. He left me free reign on how the scarf should look so I’m going to go with whatever looks best with the yarn. I’ll be doubling up the yarn so as to make it look fuller and be more plush on the neck, but I’m not sure which stitch to go with, if I should venture into cabling, or if I should just make a simple K1P1 scarf and be done with it.

It helps, when making something for someone, to always have that person in mind; that way you won’t get attached to the item and not want to give it away. If you make something specifically for someone else, you won’t have that big of a problem giving it away (or in this case, getting the money for it!).


5 thoughts on “Anthony Wants Anything

  1. Ohhh…. it’s like the scarf is a little piece of you that Anthony will always have with him no matter where he goes!

  2. I’m sure we’ll work out the figures at a later date. The yarn wasn’t that expensive and it should only take me a short amount of time to make but we’ll have to see!

    I’m not so sure how much I like the whole selling it… I’m still having that internal battle

  3. Ah, this is so cute! I love people bonding throughout all of our respective English classes! I’m sure Anthony will love whatever the final product ends up looking like, and what a great way for him to remember you (and all the rest of us … ahem … AWESOME English majors … ahem …) back here in the States! Good luck with the scarf – it’ll be going international next year!

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