My Very Second Scarf!

When I first got started knitting, I knit up a huge scarf in a beautiful grey/white mix. I loved the soft feeling of this yarn so I picked up a deep maroon color. I quickly knit that up on a drive down to Illinois with my mom for a wedding, and started wearing it since then. It’s probably one of my favorite scarves. It’s super long so I can wrap it however I want, but it’s thin enough so when I wrap it around my neck probably 800 times, it doesn’t feel too bulky or get too hot. I, again, did a K1P1 Rib stitch and kept going until I ran out of my two skeins.


Since I’m most proud of this scarf, due to the fact that I didn’t drop any stitches, add any stitches and I kept my hand steady through the entire process, I gravitate toward this scarf constantly. It’s a deep enough shade that it goes with virtually any other color.


I’m always partial to wearing it with white or black but I’ve also worn it with blues, browns, yellows, and reds.


Pictures and make up courtesy of Maxwell John


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