That’s A Wrap!

I finally decided what I’m going to do with my blue and brown yarn. This yarn was originally bought to make a sweater based on a Brooklyn Tweed creation, but, due to problems with sizing and the likes, I quickly began to hate the sweater endeavor, so I left the yarn balled and sitting in my project bucket.

At first I thought of making a baby blanket… something for my 2nd Cousin’s first birthday or the grandson of a woman I work with; but then it dawned on me: This yarn is not machine washable… babies drool and do all sorts of other things to muss up a blanket. Probably not the best idea in the world.

So then I decided I could make myself a wrap or I could make a blanket. I’m still deciding, but I’m thinking it’ll become a pretty wrap that I can fold and wear in the winter.

OK so here’s my plan- I started with the Cascade Yarns in a midnight blue and a beautiful Brown. and knit about 20 rows. After a glitch in the first row, where I started doing a k1p1 rib stitch, I decided the garter stitch looked better in that blue. So I left the k1p1 and switched to Knit. It looks really cool.

After the 20 rows were done, I changed to Brown and began doing a k1p1 rib stitch. I didn’t really like how open the rib stitch looked so after four rows I stopped and switched to garterstitch again. I really like the random-ness the piece has and I think it’ll look great.


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