Needles on Airplanes

Why is it that you can’t have a bottle of water because it might be an explosive, but you can bring your knitting needles onto the flight?

Needles could do a lot of damage on a flight- or in any other circumstance. They might be pretty blunt, but put enough effort into it and I’m sure you could do something painful- especially the metal ones!

Do you think they allow it due to the security officers not wanting to incur the wrath of every old biddie on the planet?


6 thoughts on “Needles on Airplanes

  1. I think it depends on who you are. I come from a muslim family and my aunt couldn’t bring her needles on the flight. She was wearing a headscarf. I thought it was normal procedure until now. Hmmm, its really interesting to think about.

  2. I thought that you couldn’t bring them on a flight anymore…where did you hear that you can bring them? (not that I could tell you where I heard that you can’t)

  3. I just checked with my airline and knitting needles are A-OK! I sincerely think it’s all those old ladies that put up a stink over not being able to do their knitting on a flight.

  4. For a short time after 9/11 needles were not allowed, but are okay now on most airlines. I have actually read that bamboo needles are more dangerous than metal because bamboo is solid and very strong, while metal ones are hollow and mostly made of aluminum. Think carefully of which you would choose as a weapon before you fly!

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