The Knitting (MAN)ual

I went to Knitch in Delafield a couple weekends ago with my bestie Rachel and, while on a high after finding my Hufflepuff colors, I looked up to see ‘The Knitting (Man)ual

First of all- Knitch is freaking fantastic. I love this place for its wall-to-wall yarns and beautiful textiles and the prices are pretty decent. They also boast a large collection of classes and, though I’ve never signed up for one, I love having that option. Knitch is also closer to me than Loop so it’s great to run down to Downtown Delafield, go to Mazatlan for lunch then go right across the street for some yarn!

This book, however pricey it may be, is such a great buy! I thought Stitch n Bitch was a great resource to have but these scarves, hats, mittens, sweaters, socks and whatever else they think of are so innovative, simple and easy for someone like me who needs to get everything done quickly, that I couldn’t put the book down when at the store!

I’m planning on knitting a Nordic hat for myself (I only have a crocheted one right now!) as soon as I get the chance… as well as the slippers and some of the pretty scarves that incorporate cabling… Oh I’m so excited to get started!


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