Brewer’s Inspired scarf

I’m from Milwaukee– so it’s pretty obvious that I’ll be a Brewer’s fan.
I have my favorite players on the team and I love the gold/blue color palate they use for their Jerseys. I know the Baseball season is usually in the summer, but I figured since I didn’t want to pay a TON of money for a Jersey or the likes, that I could make something that no one else in the crowd would have.

Sadly I have not been to a Brewer game since before Miller Stadium was Miller Stadium. Time just hasn’t been on my side and tickets can get a tad pricey.


In any case, I wanted to create something for the off chance that I get to a game. I went to Loop and found this amazingly soft Debbie Bliss Como. I started with a K1P1 stitch and kept going until I ran out of yarn. I picked up two skeins each of blue and gold and wanted to make long stripes. I finished with both skeins of navy and one of the gold (Navy, Gold, Navy) and decided that it was a great length and needed some tassels. I pulled out the gold yarn and made some 4 inch tassels on each side. I love it best when it’s worn with the two ends looped through the middle of the scarf. That way the gold makes an appearance at the middle and the bottom.

Photos taken at Harbrook Park in Hartland WI


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