I’m at work…

But I’m crocheting.

Yes. Crocheting…

I know it sounds blasphemous doesn’t it?
I started coming up with the idea to make a crocheted hat when I was looking at my old crocheted hat and liking what it looked like. I have the white and blue left over from one of my other projects and there’s quite a bit of yarnage here so I figured a hat would be a great idea.

At first I thought maybe doing thick stripes would be cool, but now I’m tempted to just do a full white with some blue smattered in like snowflakes and doing the opposite for the other hat. Then the tassels at the sides would mix the blue and red in a braid. (This is a nordic hat, after all!)

So I got started. I cast on 20 sts and have just been doing a single crochet since. I figure it’ll be done by the end of my shift today if I don’t have anything else do to! I’ll upload pictures and information on the final project! In the mean time- find it on Ravelry to watch my progress


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