A shorty short

I started making a shrug… but it didn’t end up that way.

I wanted to find something to make out of the mass amounts of blue and brown yarn I had bought for a sweater. I quickly realized that a sweater was too far out of my league when I saw that, after knitting for a while, it was too big to wear… and had to be frogged.

I’ve been avoiding it since then.


Since I wrote this last, I’ve made the plan to finally do something with my mass amounts of brown and blue yarn.

One of the TAs in the Music department has been bothering me about a scarf for a very long time, since I told him about the blog actually. He wanted something in the earthy colors with his name and the year put into the scarf. I’ve never done anything with inscriptions in the knitting so I was naturally scared of it. I told him I’d make him a scarf but probably not add the name and year- if he wanted it this year that is.

I came up with this idea yesterday of making the vertical-looking scarf in brown then crocheting a border of blue around it. It’ll give him the earthy tones he wants and it’ll make me happy. It’ll also get rid of the brown yarns I still have lying around.

So yup…


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