A-Z of Knitting

M is for Mom– She’s the one who taught me to knit, she’s there to sympathize with me when a project goes awry and she helps keep the balance in a crazy knitting world

M is also for Multiple projects
– Every crafter has them! The more the merrier!

M is also for Mean yarn– You spent the money on it and now it’s failing you. Make something simple and painless out of it and give it to someone. They’ll never know how much grief it gave you!

N is for New Stuff– It’s so thrilling! My mom always laughs and gives me a look when I come home with a bag from loop or Joann Fabrics…


One thought on “A-Z of Knitting

  1. Charming word association, Amanda. M can also stand for Marina Carr, whose collection of plays you should allow me to borrow!

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