Flappy hat, flappy hat, it’s time to make a flappy hat!

I’m sorry to say this but I can’t post pictures of this item until after x-mas! The creation is for a friend so… SORRY! The photo is of my hat. M’s will be different!

Anywhoo– I pulled out the gorgeous red yarn for M today. She told me previously that she wanted a hat so I decided to attempt to knit her one. The big problem with knitting a hat is that usually they’re made in the round and I don’t like to assume I know what the size of my bestie’s head is. So I decided to go with my tried and true…

my crocheted flappy hat but with a twist.

So I pulled out the Caron eco-friendly soft yarn and held the yarn double. I Chained on 15 sts and single crocheted the entire thing. This makes a vertical striped hat. I guessed at the circumference- basically it fit on my head slightly tight… I’m sure M has an averaged size head!- and bound off, made the crown then added two rows going around the brim making a stitch wherever I felt there should be one.

I didn’t do the flaps, mostly because I felt like the lushness of the red yarn didn’t suit the flaps, and it looked adorable as it was- so adorable I wanted to keep it… I have some yarn left over so I’ll make one myself though!

It looks a bit like a bell. and I really love how the red turned out. I think it’ll be beautiful and she’ll love to wear it through the winter months.

So now my friends all want hats that look like that. What is a knitter to do?!

Photos taken in Hartbrook Park in Hartland WI
Makeup courtesy of Maxwell John


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