Throm Designs may be going international!

A friend of mine whom I met on the message board for The Matches, a band out of Oakland CA., wrote on my wall yesterday:

“I want you to make me a hat.”

I thought about it for a few minutes and decided it might be a fun idea. He’ll be the first boy I make something for and it’ll be the first time that my designs could possibly be in another country, let alone another state.

While I’m working on a generic scarf for Anthony, the crocheted Flappy Hat is a design of my own making, which makes it feel even more like mine than anything I’ve ever made. He even said he would only wear it because I made it- which made me blush but… you get the point!

In any case… I’m wondering how lucrative this endeavor could be. My friend said he was considering the transaction- by paypal-ing me the cost of the hat and I’d ship it across the pond to England for him.

I find it very interesting that people are willing to pay extra for something that they could easily get for 10 bucks at Target, but the fact that it comes from someone they know and they know it’s not going to be mass-made, they always want to go for it instead…


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