Who wants a hat?

I’m going on a spree of getting rid of my scrap yarn. I have giant amounts of yarns that I’ll never think of what to make out of them so I think a hat spree will be a good idea. I’m planning on working on them after I’m done with a friend’s Christmas present, and Anthony’s scarf (Thanksgiving weekend I’ll be done, my friend!)

So… 15 dollars for a crocheted hat sound reasonable? I think I’ll start working now and sell them as I make them.


3 thoughts on “Who wants a hat?

  1. Post some pictures when you’re done with the hats! 🙂
    P.S. You should totally sell some of your stuff on Etsy. I finally bought something from that website (indirectly). This girl I know makes the most gorgeous earrings and bought them from her before they sold on the website.

      1. I think you should still consider it, dear! Not everyone on Etsy sells their stuff overpriced, and really, Etsy is just a forum for 123980123 different people trying to sell their homemade goods somewhere, so you have complete control over your price range, etc.! Plus, if your quality is just as good or better and your items are priced lower than the overpriced people’s wares, people will flock to your store over theirs, because why pay more for something just as awesome!

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