It’s time I talked about Swatches

Swatches are little samples of the knitting you plan to do and they’re super easy and ridiculously helpful when it comes to making an item when you don’t really know how long it needs to be


I’m making Anthony a scarf and I’ve made this thing 6 different ways before taking it all apart and then putting it back together and then taking it apart again.

So I gave up temporarily but then realized that I had not yet made a swatch of this yarn. This is technically the first swatch I’ve made but it seemed like a necessary evil.

So I cast on 20 sts and knit for 20 rows.

His name is swatchie and he shall be mine!

Since I’m making this scarf vertically, I needed to figure out how many sts were in one inch, then multiply that amount by 72 inches.

I wanted the scarf to be about 6 feet long, because Anthony is slightly taller than 6 feet and I wanted it to be a comfortable length. At 4 sts per inch I figured about 288 sts. I cast on 300 sts to add a few more inches.

Here’s hoping!


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