Anthony pt. 2

I said I’d promise to post pictures of Anthony’s scarf. Other than pictures though, I thought I’d give a little bit more.

I learned a very important lesson while knitting this scarf: The yarn has a mind of its own.

Regardless of how much I try to make everything perfectly and at the length I’d like, the items I create never usually make something in the way I’d intend.

With Anthony’s scarf, I wanted to make it 6 feet long. When I finally finished casting off, it wound up being about 9 feet long. I was worried this would be too long but the look on Anthony’s face was completely worth it and he didn’t hate it.

Anthony... wearing his scarf

The yarn itself is really soft even though it’s acrylic. When it was knit up, in the vertical fashion it was really soft and plush. I knew that it would have the appearance of a rib stitch but I feel like it has a better aesthetic feeling… that and it was super easy to make. Garterstitch only is the best thing to make up a scarf because it’s so easy…

The only problem with this scarf was that it was so heavy that my fingers started to go numb after a while. I guess it was totally worth it though. The scarf wound up being super warm and you could wrap it around yourself about 4 times to keep you incredibly warm.

Scarf all wrapped up, ready to be sent to its new owner!

It had been a long trial with this scarf and I’m working on two other scarves for friends but I have to make it shorter for my two other friends who are not more than 6 feet tall.

In the mean time I’m working on a great scarf out of Dougherty and, as soon as I get to Joann Fabrics, I’ll be able to pick up Alicia’s yarn for her hat!


2 thoughts on “Anthony pt. 2

  1. I agree, Alicia. Anthony looks adorable, and the scarf you made for him looks great! At least you can check another project off your list; that’s got to feel good. Good luck making the rest of your handmade gifts for friends for the holidays!

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