Winter is finally here!

I woke up after a long night of sleeplessness and looked out the window. The entire backyard is covered in white fluffiness! It’s a beautiful morning in Hartland and I was ready to get out into the cold with the prettiness that is the first REAL snow of the season.

I’m walking around campus this morning and I see flurries start coming down again. I walk the path from one building to another with my face pointed toward the sky and a smile on my face.

My friend calls me in incredulity on the fact that he saw a couple flurries last night and now the ground is covered in white. He’s not happy but I get all giddy whenever I think about the snow coming down!

Winter, it seems, is upon us

And I couldn’t be more excited.

Everywhere around me I see people all bundled up in hats, mittens scarves… cozy sweaters (or sweater vests on you guys(LOVE!)) and everything that could be needed to keep away the chill of an already cold winter.

I love this time of year… not only does it look gorgeous outside but it gives me reason to pull out all my scarves and newly made hats and try them out- a different one every day. I love the superbly long scarves that I can wrap around my neck about 5 times, the mittens with the fuzzies on the inside (Sadly, my Isotoner mittens are the only non-handmade items I wear!), and the hats with the flaps that may make you look like an idiot but they’re too cute to pass up!

Knitting caters to this time of year so I love being able to make something beautiful that I can wear constantly. I love the feeling of my newly made wool scarf around my neck, keeping me warm. I love the cold wind through my hair and the after-smell of the cold that’s left behind.

Dougherty draped over Spoilt

Here’s my dilemma with winter… I live in this state that sees a lot of snow every winter yet people still act like this change in season is the biggest surprise they’ve ever experienced! Why can’t you drive properly??


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