I’m Seattle bound!

I’m on my way to the airport as I write this.

I’m very nervous to be traveling for 8 days to Seattle WA to visit my brother whom I’ve not seen in two years. Mom decided because it would be our last Christmas together that we should go. So we are.

I’ve previously been to Seattle and seen the Space Needle and whatnot so I don’t know really what there will be to do.

The silver lining? LOTS of yarn shops in Seattle. I’m so excited to have a giant loot of yarn at my disposal that I can mail tp myself because there’s no way everything is going to fit in my suitcase…

I actually did a Google search for yarn shops in Seattle… And I hit the jackpot! I’m very exctited.

So now its time to sit back, remember to breathe and post pictures periodically! Especially of my seat, 24C, a Matches reference that I never thought would be a chance for me.

So yeah… Ill leave you with a picture of the weather in Milwaukee


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