My brother told me once that you can walk from one side of this city to the other in approximately 15 minutes.

He was totally right

Its day two (three if you count or horrific day of limos and flights) for me and mom here in Seattle and while mom is with Nick, I’m going shopping on my own and in my own time. I found a couple yarn shops within walking distance and made sure they were open today. One, sitting on capitol hill, was open until 3 so I knew I’d be able to get there.

I made a couple pit stops along the way at American Eagle (got an adorable polka dot reversible scarf) and Niketown (got a pair of livestrong brand shoes for dirt cheap) and finally made my way across the bridge to the other part of town.

Stitches sits nestled in a strip of shops and restaurants and I sighed a heavy sigh of relief when I finally saw it across the street. It was all uphill on my way so when I finally got to stop I was so happy.

The shop was very quaint and held only Cascade Yarns (the Cascade Yarn factory is in northern Seattle, about 20 minutes north by car). I love Cascade Yarns and they were much cheaper than in Milwaukee so I was all for it. I bought four skeins and she wound them for me (I’ve never used a swift and ball winder before so it was really cool to watch). I then started on my way back.

Stitches is one of two yarn shops in the area within safe walking distance and the other place is closed today so I might make the trip later in my vacation.

So now I’m sitting down on the corner of Pike and 5th looking out at the Betsey Johnson shop enjoying a cup of lobster bisque and this beautiful day.

Good day… Good day


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