Seattle: The Aftermath

I had a lot of fun running around Seattle during my Christmas vacation.

Upon coming home I realized the majority of the damage I had done when I took inventory of the yarn I had bought.

Lets just say me in a yarn shop is a very dangerous combination. I spent a little too much money but I’m so excited to start knitting.

At Stitches, I didn’t find a ton of yarn because it was mostly for fabric, but I did find four skeins and beautiful Cascade 220 and 120. I plan on making some striped scarves with the two colors I’ve chosen (two shades of orange and two shades on red). She even wound the yarn for me, thus spurring my strong desire to buy a swift and ball winder… I’m very excited to get started knitting though!

A few days later I went to another yarn shop near Westlake Mall. My brother was shopping around so Mom and I drove down the road to Pacific Yarns. I tried to stay relatively frugal at this place but they had this beautiful plum colored tweed and some yarn that I got my friend Rachel for Christmas. I also found some really pretty rainbow colored and ocean colored yarns but I have to suck it up and buy a pair of 2s for that knitting. I hope I’m up for the challenge.

That same day we went to a yarn shop relatively close to my brother’s apartment. He and mom stayed in the car, expecting to be there for quite some time but little do they know that I’m a super yarn shopper! I found more tweed (red this time), some cashmere and wool blend yarn, some baby Alpca, and more Cascade Yarns (The factory is in northern Seattle so Cascade is super cheap and it’s everywhere… sadly I didn’t make it up there before leaving for home).

I finally took some pictures and will upload them as soon as I can, but let me tell you, I am set for yarn for a very long time. I’m thinking of taking over the dresser in our spare room for all my yarn!

Until then it’s on to finishing the Christmas presents for my two best friends before Monday…


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