I rarely get to see my two best friends so I was so excited to see them last week for our New Years/Christmas fun night.

We all met at my house for exchanging of gifts, watching movies and chatting and catching up (as if IM doesn’t exist, we chat about way more in person than online!)

I had been frantically working on projects for the two of them since I had time. I asked a few months back what they would prefer, hats and mittens or scarves. Caitlin said a scarf and Marie said a hat, so I set off on the plan.

I picked up a gorgeous red for Marie and made the crocheted hat for her that I had made plenty of times before. I wasn’t sure of the size of her head but she’s super tiny so I figured if it fit my head relatively tight then it would definitely fit her. I then crocheted a scarf in the same double crochet fashion and was done pretty quick with her.

Scarf: Marie
Hat: Marie
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Eco. Colorway Autumn Red- Held double for plush affect.
Crochet hook size N for both

Caitlin was another story: She wanted a scarf so I decided to vertically knit her a scarf in a gorgeous blue that I knew would make her eyes pop. Caron yarns knit up beautifully and the garterstitch with yarn held double feels like a dream. The only problem was knitting it in a decent amount of time. It took me a few days, many wrist cramps and a lot of hand massages to get this sucker done. It turned out magnificently though.

Scarf: Caitlin
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Eco Colorway Ocean Blue. Yarn held double for plush affect.
Needle: Size 10.5 Circular. Clover Bamboo.

I love my friends. They’re the best people in the world and I couldn’t ask for better people in my life.

I then told them they would be getting knit projects for the rest of their lives.


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