Swatches and Honey Tweed

It’s been a few weeks of putting this off but I think it’s time I really show you just how much of an obsession I have.

I was busy swatching it up last weekend. I made quite a few different versions of some cable techniques with a beautiful hank of purple Cascade 220 yarn and a Mohair orange Cascade 220.

I also started working on some stuff from the book that Marie gave me for Christmas. It’s a huge supply of swatch and stitch ideas that I love perusing. I finally landed on a swatch that I couldn’t wait to try out.

I found the Mock Cable Stitch and thought it was just crazy enough to look beautiful in my inexperienced-with-the-cable-needle hands. Considering it doesn’t use a Cable Needle I figured it would be a good idea to start out with.

The idea was only good in concept.

As soon as I got about 13 rows in and had to start on the overlap/cable, it got increasingly confusing and I couldn’t figure out how said idea was supposed to occur. The directions had me do a combination of Knits and Purls for 6 stitches, but then I had to pull off all the other stitches and keep them off for 11 more rows even though the pattern didn’t tell me what to do for those 11 rows…

My confusion got too great and I frogged it. I decided that rather than doing something so large and just go with something that I knew I could do.

So I found a Honeycomb Cable and decided it was worth a try. I cast on enough so I’d be able to actually get the honeycomb appearance and got to work. It was surprisingly interesting. Since the Honeycomb is only 8 rows, it’s relatively easy to remember and keep it fresh in your memory, even though I always had my notes next to me.

I finished the swatch and decided that I loved the stitch and wanted to make a scarf out of it, but it curled at the edges because you immediately start with a Cable Needle stitch, so it gets all wonky looking. I started with a garterstitch border so I figured it would look good. (And it did! I didn’t like how it looked with the orange though, so I made it into a swatch)

Next I wanted to try a rope braid. It was easy enough- four rows, only using the cable needle once, and working relatively quickly. Only problem was that I couldn’t tell where each turn was. I could see each top part of the braid very easily but I couldn’t see the bottom. It shattered the illusion and I immediately started on something else.

So after I was done swatching, I decided to change yarns and make a Honeycomb Scarf. I pulled out some of my Cascade 220 Tweed in a gorgeous Purple and figured it would knit up really well into the pattern. I decided to just do a Garterstitch border on the sides, rather than on the bottom so it doesn’t ripple on the bottoms. In any case, I’m onto about the 3rd set of Honeycomb and I love it. The multi-colored nubbies of the Tweed make the purple look beautiful and make it stand out intensely. I can’t wait to finish it and wear it all over the place.

I still haven’t taken pictures since it’s currently in the Swatch stage of things, but I’ll take pictures soon and post them ASAP!


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