The US Olympic Team’s Hat

It took me 8 days but I finished the hat and I’m so proud of myself!

I am now completely in love with color work. I can’t wait to start something with fair isle or do some sort of argyle or whatever pattern in a scarf. Oh how exciting!

This piece was a bit of a labor of love. I had to keep it at home since I had more than one color on the yarn at each time so it was hard to transport. I thought about it all day long and when I could finally get back to my knitting, I started working until I couldn’t see the needles straight anymore.

I also kept updated with the thread on Ravelry. I found that the piece was incredibly long even with size 6 needles. But at 75 rows for the whole item, it became too much about getting the pattern in regardless of how large it was. I decided to make some changes.

On the top of this chart there were three sections. I cut out two of them and instead worked the entire top in red, which brought in a lot more of the color. So I finished the thing with probably 60 rows (after beginning the decrease in row 55ish). The hat is still pretty tall but it’s not nearly as tall as it could have been.

I’ve been wearing this hat constantly since I finished it last Sunday. I love getting compliments because people recognize it. I say ‘I made that’ and they totally don’t believe me. It then results in the predictable “Will you make me one?” Yes. For 50 dollars, I will make you one. (Think that’s bad? Think about the people who bought the original Ralph Lauren one on Ebay for more than 100 dollars. THAT’s expensive.

So for now I say goodnight. It’s been a long week and I’m going to enjoy myself at another We The Living concert. I wish I could have had the re-made scarf ready in time but, alas, I only got 6 rows done.


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