Murphy Brown

One of the last Christmas presents went to my friend Murphy. We first met in ASL 3 over the shared dislike of a girl and have been great friends since.

One thing about Murphy that you all should know: She hates winter and snow and anything concerning cold weather. She also doesn’t dress to the season for the most part during the season (sorry Murph, it’s true though!) so I asked her if she wears hat, mittens or scarves more often. She told me hats so I thought it would be a great opportunity to actually KNIT her a hat.

A couple of days previously I had finished knitting the Portland Tweed Tam and I found that the same idea could be applied to a beanie. So I cast on the appropriate stitches for the hat in my Cascade 220 Brown that I still have a MASS AMOUNT of in my supplies. It was a quick knit and I was done in one night but found that it was a tad short- it didn’t cover my ears which I find to be a pivotal point of need for a hat. What’s the point of a hat if it doesn’t cover your ears??

Instead of ripping it out to the where the first increase was, I added a piece of the ribbing to the bottom of the hat. I did an invisible seam but because of the nature of the yarn and the ribbing, it still has a seam- but it adds to the look of the knitting. I prefer the look with the seam- even though it still needs to stretch out… seams don’t stretch like ribbing does and of course I didn’t account for that.

In any case, Murphy liked it a lot and she finally took a picture of herself in it (With all the cold weather, our hair tends to get all staticky so whenever I see her she’s got her hair up and the hat is nowhere to be seen…)

Hat: Murphy
Pattern: My Own
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Brown
Needles: Size 8 circular and DPN- Bamboo


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