The Knitter’s How-To

I began working on this piece for my Writing for Information Technology class and I realized that it would be great to use as a tool for future knitters.

So. Presenting…

The Knitter’s How To- A Detailed Tutorial for Novice Knitters!

It only took me a couple weeks and a lot of hard work (including not breaking down when I lost the document when switching from one computer to another…) but I got it done!

This guide uses a lot of resources that one can easily find online or in print, but I’ve created a guide to the most basic steps in knitting in as painless a way as I could attempt.

I know this guide will look great in my portfolio and after I update one thing on it, I’ll be able to add it to the book I’ve been compiling of all my clippings and layouts. I am very proud to call this item a Throm Designs original.


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