I am in a knitting funk

Maybe I’m just too stressed out… maybe I just don’t have the time to care right now.

I am officially done with higher education in 10 weeks.

I have to start looking for jobs– which means sending out resumes, cover letters and samples from my portfolio. How on earth am I going to relax this summer?

I cast on and have currently worked about 5 rows of Caitlin’s friends’ scarf. I feel like such a failure that I haven’t finished it yet.

I’ve had an awesome orange and brown scarf that I’m knitting for me-or for whoever buys it- sitting with only three rows done for the last months.

I have the We The Living Redux scarf on the needles, half-way done with the purple, yet I’m still not done. Not even close.

We’re officially out of the times where you can wear a scarf without dying from heat exhaustion so I suppose I have some time to get more inspiration, but what is it about this season that stops me from caring about knitting?


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