Mom likes to facilitate my addiction

My 22nd birthday came and went… but before my birthday I had been hinting that I wanted to get a Swift for myself for months because I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Knots. She said ‘don’t get one… maybe I’ll get you one for your Birthday.”

I then remembered that I had a 20 dollar gift certificate from Marie for Christmas. I thought it was perfect! A swift and a yarn ball winder would be the perfect mixture.

The swift came in the mail a week before my birthday and the ball winder came the following day. I got to work and began creating wind with the swift and ball winder in concordance in no time.

I then took all the old balls of yarn I had stashed away in my brother’s closet and began sorting through it- It’s amazing what you find when you realize that you have alternate storage for these things! I moved everything out into a plastic shelving unit and sorted everything out. I then got to winding and making everything a uniform shape. The ball winder works beautifully and I get amazing little biscuits of every skein of yarn, regardless of how much is left on the balls.

So now everything is wound up and looking great. No more of the days where balls go flying away from me or the cat attacks them.

Now that everything is organized and great-looking, I think it’s time I finish up some laborous projects.


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