I need to start making some money

I never thought of my knitting ability as a cash cow. Instead I wanted to do this craft because I love it and wanted to create one-of-a-kind items that people (or myself) would cherish for the rest of their lives.


I just graduated and I’m working at a job where I make virtually nothing. I’ll then be nannying where I’ll be making a bit more but not at the expense of my sanity and my muscles being overworked.

In any case… I’m thinking of selling my extra time.

As it’s summer I’m going to start making more lace items- starting with a garterstitch scarf/scarves out with a size 15 needle on a yarn that gauges a size 2 needle. The rainbow yarn will look like a true rainbow when long and open and looking awesome.

I’ll also be doing this with the same kind of yarn in an ocean theme. The blues and greens will look nicely as a wrap for a warm evening event (since I’ll make it very wide and long) and it can also double as a scarf during the cooler times.

I’m always open to suggestion on what more I can make and, if you suggest something and offer me a price on it, I’ll make you something great by the middle (hopefully) of summer.


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