A hat a day keeps the boredom away

So I got a job. (YAY!) but it’s not in my career (Boo!). However, it does pay me a lot more than my two jobs during the remainder of the summer. I’m looking forward to actually having money this summer to pay for everything I need to pay for.

The only bad part of this job is I am so bored while sitting here waiting for the phone to ring. When I first got the job I was told it was going to be boring for the first week or so and my boss said to bring in a book or knitting. So of course, I brought my knitting, not thinking I’d need it.

Oh boy did I ever.

Over the course of the week, I’ll post photos my hats that I finished in a single work-day since last week Friday. Hopefully I’ll be able to actually get a hat done per day.


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