Got a case of the Mondays

Yesterday was an interesting one: No one was in the office. Well that’s not true- a fair few people were here but a lot of them were gone in meetings and/or on location- AKA Out of the office. It was another day of voicemails. The phone rang about 15 times all day too so it was a very dull day. Perfect day to make another hat!

I grabbed some marine-colored Cascade 220 Alpaca (What is my obsession with 220??) and, again, my size 6 circulars.  I had hoped there would be more work for me to do but projects were being saved for later in the week- AKA it was phone answering and nothing more for the day. It was great.

I decided to go with a k1p1 rib for the brim and then stockinette stitch for the bulk of the hat. What else could be easier than knit stitch in the round?

I finished the hat sans the DPN work shortly before leaving work. It’s a little big since the yarn was a larger gauge but it’s so soft and cushy that it works when it bubbles out a little.

Like Friday, when I take a good-quality picture of this hat, I’ll post it.

Generic Beanie
Design: Mine
Needles: Circular and DPN Size 6
Yarn: Cascade 220 Alpaca blend


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