Yes, I realize it’s September 3 and I’m talking about Christmas already

But! I don’t have an endless amount of time (especially with the Marine coming home tonight for two weeks of pre-deployment leave) and Christmas is looming. How do I know? I’m wearing a sweatshirt since it was so cold this morning.

I realized something while talking to Marie yesterday: I sabotaged myself last year by giving both her and Marie a scarf and (In Marie’s case) a hat. This makes creating a gift for them much harder and I think the best option here is to go whole hog…


I found some seriously cute sweaters online but no pattern for one of them, so I found one that matches it pretty closely in my latest copy of Knit Simple. The gauge is a little smaller than I’d like but I don’t think that’s too much of a hindrance for me.

This will be the second attempt at a scarf since the disastrous Tomten jacket debacle so I’m nervous. But I have four months to get at least two sweaters done.


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