How to avoid sleeping at work

This scarf probably requires more brain power than I can muster right now but I’m going to knit anyway.

So the Men’s Knits Chunky Cable Scarf from Erika Knight is a dream. I called mom the other day before starting this thing and found out that it requires super chunky 100 percent Merino wool with size 17 needles. SIZE 17!! That’s like kntting with a tree trunk. Not only do I hate knitting with my 17s, I wasn’t ever planning on knitting with super chunky 100 percent Merino wool.

So instead I cast on like I said previously.

I then felt like I mixed up some of the stitches after finishing the third cable. I ripped it out

I cast on the appropriate amount of stitches, didn’t count and restarted. I got to the end of the next row, realized I cast on too many stitches, threw out a couple choice swears and ripped it out.

Then I cast on, triple checked that I cast on 26 stitches (seriously, how could I screw up 26 stitches??) and continued. I got to the cable sets and realized that my garterstitch border looked funky- it didn’t seem to match the picture. I ripped it out

I cast on, made sure I had 26 stitches, got to the third cable again and saw that I wasn’t making the garterstitch border on one side- I then considered altering the pattern to make it a stockinette stitch border but mom told me not to. Either way I hated the way it looked. I ripped it out

I cast on, made sure I had 26 stitches, got to the third cable and did the same thing with the border. I left it thinking it would be my only issue and I was getting really sick of only getting half way through the pattern repeat without actually getting anywhere.

By now it’s become part of the pattern. For some reason, every second cable I screw up and do stockinette on the border of one alternating side. So I’m doing it on purpose now. Oh well. It kind of looks OK…

So that’s the story of the scarf. It’s still where it was the other day as I’ve been spending virtually every waking moment with the Marine. So while I’m at work I’ll be muttering to myself about the stitches I’m working on and what row I’m actually on.


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