Work? What?

This is me taking a short break from my work.

Why do you ask? Why would you have work? You’ve not had work for so long, Amanda!

Because today is the day that everything that could go wrong with my morning, did.

5:30 a.m.: The alarm goes off. I beat it into a submissive snooze.

5:40, 5:50 and 6:00 a.m.: The snooze alarm goes off. I beat those into submission as well. I hear mom getting ready in the bathroom. I figure I’ll wait for her to finish before I jump in the shower.

6:00-6:20: I ‘m looking out the window as the sun still hasn’t come out. I ponder how crappy it is that I have to wake up before the sun is even out. My eyes are heavy. Mom has left for her day.

6:23: I realize what time it is and that I still have to shower before going to work. I plan it out OK; thinking I can leave the house at 7, make it to work at 7:45 and be OK. I bolt into the shower and dawdle under the hot water. I say a silent prayer that today will be OK and I can get through it without a scratch.

6:45-7:02: The EGGOs pop up from the toaster and I pour a glass of OJ. I pack clothes for this weekend at The Marine’s with his family. Finally remove hair from towel and pull back into a lazy bun. Cause I’m lazy. Realize that it’s 7:02 and bolt for the door. It’s cold outside and I don’t have a sweatshirt. I run back into the house, grab one and leave.

7:10: I’m on the highway when I realize I don’t have my wallet because I left it in the living room after buying yarn on the phone from Seattle. I curse violently and veer toward the backroads to my home.

7:15: Back in my car and back on the highway. Upon reaching the exit for Blue Mound Rd. I get stuck in traffic, which proceeds to crawl all the way to 25th st where I exit at 8:15. 

8:20: Find a lucky parking space and race to the office.

8:25: Upon walking through the door, The Director has five questions for me. I haven’t even put my purse down and I’m engaged in a battle of questions. Great.

8:26: Log into computer to find four e-mails requesting meetings to be changed for people I don’t have access to, orders to be made that I don’t have access to, and a mass e-mail that I need to send to individual people on a list three pages long. A stack of papers needing to be tri-folded is on the desk next to me. Mail needs to be delivered to the 5th floor. Why is Amanda’s head banging on the desk???

My knitting is so tantalizingly close that I can see it out of the corner of my eye… simply begging me to work on it, Pleeeeeeeeease Amanda. I so want to be worked on… pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!

Let’s hope the next four and a half hours go by faster than I’ve ever known them to.

On another note: I’m getting a knitting-related tattoo tonight. I’ll post pictures tomorrow/whenever I get Internets when it’s a little more healed!


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