The Marine: Part 2

Well. I finished it in time! YAY!

Beer and yarn. Good combo

I officially finished it about 10 minutes before he called me wanting to come over at nearly midnight just to sit around and be with me (I know, so sweet, right?) I steamed it while waiting for him to drive over and laid it out on the floor to dry. Blocking it added a few inches and allowed the garterstitch border to flatten out rather than completely curl under.

Oh yeah. Duck face is so sexy

It fits him perfectly and he loves it.

As soon as I get some downtime (which seems unlikely with all the beeyotch work I have to do today) I’m going to cast on another in the dark purple Cascade 220 that I have lying around from Seattle. It’s beautiful and will make a great short scarf for me.

I also have a bunch of the green left over- I only needed about a quarter of the new skein and I went on that awesome shopping spree for new 220 paints. So I’ll probably make another scarf out of it. Or a ton of hats. Not sure yet.

Note: I took this picture because I thought it would be an interesting shot. I fell in love with it. Please keep him in your thoughts as he deploys with the US Marine Corps to Afghanistan in October.


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