Lee DeWyze

Am I even spelling his name right? I think so…


Max sent me a text on Saturday night “Do you have a red beanie?” My first instinct is to say yes. I have virtually every other color, but red? I have a white cap with red norwegian stars on it (post to come)! But no plain red cap. “I need one for a concert I’m going to.”

Ohh concert wear. I’m all for that (think back to We The Living). I mentally go through my stash and can’t figure out if I have any red yarn. I get up, find some Lion Brand yarn in cranberry and tell him I can have it for him tomorrow. He’s eternally grateful.

Now, I’m used to making hats for my head- which I feel is kind of large compared to some people. Max isn’t the smallest of guys- he’s about six feet tall and has a proportional noggin to his height. I realize that on size 6 needles, I’ll have to add stitches. I wasn’t willing to waste the time making a swatch so I just cast on 140 stitches (my hats are 90 stitches). For some stupid reason, I kept screwing up my ribbing so I kept having to rip it out. I then realize that 140 stitches is probably extreme and it would be way too big on him and a rib stitch will stretch so… why am I making it so big? I drop 20 stitches and cast on. This looks like a much more promising hat.

I kept knitting until about midnight and when I couldn’t see or feel my left hand, I went to bed. I had about 2.5 inches done.

I get a text in the morning after I had gotten out of the shower and was heading to Taste of India to meet Marie, “Is it finito?”

I audibly laughed.

Indian food with Marie was fantastic. I love the buffet- especially the naan– Seriously! Who doesn’t love Naan. And the mango ice cream. Yum

Later, Mom and I went to Jo-Ann fabrics for some yarn for the soon-to-join-us Baby Bringer. Mom didn’t really want to make a yellow duckie blanket but… a green duckie would look… moldy? I bought two pounds of a beautiful baby green for a cap, booties, blankie and possibly sweater (A layette with a sweater, as mom called it) and mom got a shiny pale yellow for her duckie blanket. The gauge is smaller so she wants to make it differently than she had previously for our neighbors soon-to-come grandchild (keep her in your thoughts, she’s on bed-rest until the baby arrives).

Mom drove and I sat in the passenger seat chattering away while knitting Max’s hat. The extra stitches were really taking a toll and adding to the knitting time.

I went home and knit some more. I continued knitting until I went over to Max’s to watch Glee S1P2 with him and finish his hat. It seriously was the longest time I’d ever taken finishing a hat. I was going insane during the last hour just desperately trying to finish. After a wrist massage from Max I was rejuvinated to finish the last decreases and the sucker was done.

He loves it, to say the least.

And he kind of looks like Lee.


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