Really orange

My hair today is being held up from it’s insane poof of hair by a size 6 DPN. It’s working quite well, actually.

It’s really late for me to be posting today but… I actually had stuff to do!

I didn’t get a whole lot of knitting done on my brand new hand-dyed Orange Kool Aid yarn because I was too busy trying not to ruin(and by ruin, I mean delete accidentally, which I almost did… Twice) a GIANT database that I was doing some searching on.

In the meantime, I made a list of shopping needs from Joann’s today.

It came to my attention that the previous storage case I have is no longer suitable for my amassing sets of needles and notions, so I need something bigger and better. I’m hoping for something plastic, but the mess that would ensue from having a plastic tupperware container holding all my needles would drive me nuts and send me back into the loving arms of my previously used, too small case. I’m sure I’ll find something.

You’ll also see I’m going to buy some more yarn! That’s because I bought this gorgeous Bamboo/Silk Paton’s at another Joann’s while buying baby yarn with mom only to realize that there definitely wasn’t enough for a hat. I need at least one more skein. I think two more will suffice- even to make ear flaps and tassels. I am so good at rationalizing.

I’m definitely buying more needles (thus furthering the uselessness of my current needle case) and I think you’ll find that size 5 is the smallest I’ve ever gone. This is partly because I need them to use this Paton’s yarn, and also because I just want the challenge- especially making baby clothes, I’ll need a smaller gauge.

Notions are a maybe, I don’t know if I’ll need needle coils/sweaters… they might drive me nuts and I’d lose them anyway.

Lastly, I need some sort of hook/pin device so I can make my own stitch markers out of Scrabble tiles. I was inspired by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (AKA YarnHarlot) when she received them from someone. I thought it was so ingenious and we never play scrabble anyway… so…

That’s been my day. Can’t wait to go shopping!


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