100 posts

Today marks the 100th post of On Skeins and Needles and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s only taken me a year and 23 days to get this far. Yikes.

I finished the orange hat yesterday but any pictures I took of it didn’t show the pretty orange properly so I’ll take pictures and give you a full update next week.

Yesterday’s shopping was a success- I’m only short a size 5 circular needle set so I’m working on the Paton’s Silk/Bamboo hat with size 6 needles. This is an old picture and the flash blew it out, but I wanted to give you an idea of the pretty and shiny yarn I’m working with.

I also received this today:

It’s Llama! My first Llama. It’s from one of the ladies I work with- she asked me to knit her son a scarf. Due to some arthritis, she can’t knit much anymore and she wants to get this stuff made into something her son will cherish. It’s two different Llamas and the colors are somewhat similar, but oh so different…so I’m a little wary about how to make it. Any ideas?

Finally, among all the stuff I bought at Joann’s yesterday was attachments to make stitch makers out of our old scrabble tiles. My mom and I don’t play scrabble anymore so after asking if it was OK that I took them, I started working on it. I expected the wood to be really tough but it was quite maleable and I managed to make my full name before I ran out of screws.

I plan on going back to Joann’s for more screws and wires. Check out the shop page to purchase some!


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