Pond and Llama

So I got my new cubicle today! It’s pretty exciting. There’s a ton of natural light thanks to the GIANT window at my back and it’s much more open and unimposing as the claustrophobic cube I previously occupied.

I have a task to do for the new department I’m working with to the tune of consolidating a spreadsheet with more than 8,000 cells… this could take a while.

So I thought I’d talk about Amy Pond.

Amy Pond is The Doctor’s new companion and she wears some of the cutest hand-knits. This one is from The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. I checked Ravelry and consulted with mom and a book and found the ‘link cable’ and tripled it. So rather than 8 stitches, I’m doing 24 stitches plus the 4 stitches on each side in garterstitch (For those of you too lazy to do the math, that’s 32 stitches). This creates a 12 stitch cable back and front. I’m not sure how in love with it I am right now but I’m sure it’ll work better when it gets longer and heavier.

It’s sitting on my desk right now just staring at me. I’m listening to music to drown out the whimpers from it begging me to knit on it. This spreadsheet is priority numero uno.

This weekend was quite productive for me. Saturday I slept in (blessed be!) and knit on the llama scarf for my coworkers’ son. I kept on knitting until I ran out of yarn. Then I stopped. It’s a little short but I hope he enjoys it.

Note to all: llama sheds... a lot

With the two different llamas being different colors, I had to come up with a creative way to allow the shades to match. When I ran low on one color, I integrated the other color for two rows then finished it off then continued with the contrasting color. I thought it would allow for an interesting combination of colors when he wraps it around himself and it looks pretty. I then finished it with a crocheted border to thread in any loose ends and to make the edges even.


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