I am the epitome of start-itis right now.

The Baby Blanket: Has a bottom border and I’ve started garterstitching it up. I’ve got like three inches on the thing. I SHOULD be working on it so I can finish the rest of the layette… but whatever.

Amy Pond: Still stuck at a foot knit. I have no excuses.

Caitlin’s friend: I feel so terrible about this scarf that I’m pity-knitting it for her. I told her I’d have something knit LAST WINTER but when I went through my stash I realized I forgot about it completely and only had four rows of garterstitch knit on it. I felt bad so I started knitting on it again. I make sure I get at least a row done each night.

Mittens: I started this last night cause I bought this AMAZING Cascade 220 Superwash Paints in purples. I didn’t know what to make with the two hanks I had already wound up into two biscuits. Mom blurted out “Mittens” and I immediately went to find my fall 2010 copy of KnitSimple which has… everything… I could possibly need for knitting this season. They’re super basic mittens and I finished one in four hours.

When I got to the thumb graft I was so freaked that I’d do it wrong (the last mittens I made were disastrous) but this one turned out very well and I celebrated on the cast-off with putting the mitten on, running into mom’s room and waving at her.

I’ll make the other one tonight. I’m weak… I know… but at least I’ll have something finished without moving on to shinier knitting. To use up the rest of the yarn, I’ll make a flappy hat beanie and, if there’s still a ton left, a scarf or neckwarmer.

Baby Booties: I decided I needed to figure out how to make them before I used the acrylic yarn I’m using for the new 2nd cousin so I started knitting on the purple Bamboo/Silk mix using KnitSimple again. I don’t have a ruler otherwise I’d be working on the foot part. I’m using size six needles so I don’t expect it to take very long.

On another note: I found a knitting group! I’ll have to check it out to see if it’s worth the 20 minute drive out to Wauwatosa every Sunday but I’ll be at the Starbucks in Tosa Village (wherever that is) on Sunday night! I’ll be knitting on Amy Pond.


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