A gallon of water

Is 128 ounces. An Irish Fest cup is 32 ounces.

Why am I tell you this? I told The Marine I’d drink a gallon of water a day to flush out my system to help my weight loss endeavor (I’m 10 lbs there… but I’ve been stuck there for a while and I have 6 months to lose 40 lbs… so I’m doing whatever I can).

I’m doing pretty well… it’s noon and I just filled up my cup for the third time. I’ve also realized I have the smallest bladder EVER. I suppose it’s worth it.

In knitting news: remember yesterday when I said I was going to knit the other mitten last night?

I lied.

Instead I worked on Amy Pond a little bit- enough to finish off the skein I had (folded in half… technically 110 yards held double) and add a couple more cables. It needs to be that length times two so I’m hoping I’ll have enough yarn left over to make the fringe that’s necessary at the ends.

Instead of casting the mittens on, I went downstairs to the treadmill (pretty well coated in dust) and power-walked/jogged for a mile. Then I did stairs. I felt really good about myself so I treated myself to an extra long shower. Then I looked at the clock and it was almost 8:30. Where had my night gone?

I then got the onus to clean my room (my mom just smiled really wide) so I finished putting away the laundry that’s been folded in the basement for about a month (Mom just smiled again) and cleaned up the pile of dirty clothes from the floor and put them downstairs. It’s a quick fix to a cleaning job I should really take a day to attack but it was nice to sleep after working so hard.

I should also mention that I found more yarn in my room… it’s a neverending supply. I’ll get to knitting it some day.

I then knit some more on Amy Pond while my purple mittens lay still wound up on the bed. I didn’t feel bad.

I packed both Amy and the purple mittens this morning in the hopes I’d have some time to do it. Amazingly enough, I finished the GIANT spreadsheet I’ve been working on for the last 3.5 days so after a happy dance and a pee I’m about to cast on the mittens. I figured I should actually follow through on SOMETHING so.

Here we go.


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