Stitch n Bitch

I went to my first SnB group last night in Wauwatosa and it was quite a bit of fun.

This was the explanation to the Marine last night:
Me: I’m going to a knitting group tonight
Him: Knitting group? Like Knitters’ Anonymous?
Me: Well if it was Knitters’ Anonymous we wouldn’t be knitting… No we just sit around, drink coffee, talk about knitting and work on our stuff.
Him: You’re so weird.
Me: You’re the one who likes me.

He now calls it “KA” to pick on me about my constant obsession. Little does he know that if he ever moves in with a knitter, his dreams of a ‘man-cave’ are completely out of the question. Yarn will be everywhere.

I took Amy Pond with me and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. During the two hours that I sat with the ladies chatting and knitting, I finished another three cables. I found it to be very successful.

So successful, in fact, that I’m planning on attending another SnB tonight on HWY 100. It’s still kind of far away but I at least know where it is (Cause yeah… I got lost in Tosa. Don’t judge me).

Amy will come with me again tonight but today it’s working on the purple hat. The mittens barely took up 1/2 a skein of Cascade 220 Superwash Paints so I’m planning on a hat with ear flaps and tassels that will hopefully take over the last of this skein. Then it’ll be a cabled neckwarmer. Should be good.

And the baby blanket is coming along slowly. I’m knitting a few rows on it every night now and once the purple set bores me to tears is done, I’ll wind up some yarn to take with me for the small stuff (hat, booties). Should be good.


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